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July 2009

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Gas The house enjoys a mains gas supply that was installed some fifteen years ago and is therefore in very good condition. …


house plans


Floor plan

There are five floors in the house.

1.  The cellars – accessed by a door in the hallway.  Stone steps lead down to the main cellar and to the side of this is a wine cellar.

2.  Ground floor – Lounge, traditional original Conservatory, Dining Room, Butler’s pantry, Study, Kitchen, Family room, Utility room, Cloakroom/toilet, pantry, boot room.

3.  First floor – Master bedroom with ensuite toilet, 2nd double bedroom, 3rd double bedroom, Main bathroom, seperate toilet.

4. 2nd Floor – Large 4th bedroom, 5th double bedroom, 6th single bedroom, 2nd bathroom.

5. 3rd Floor – One large U shaped room – that could make two additional bedrooms or keep as is for an additional recreation area.  This attic room is accessed by a traditional staircase – NOT a loft ladder!


Garden in winter

There is something magical about snow – our home in Llanfoist is near Abergavenny in Monmouthshire.

When we decided that we would be selli ng our house we thought it would be rather nice for someone interested  to see what it is like in the winter as well as in the summer.  We do not often have enough snow to cover the ground, but when we do the whole garden changes into a silent white space. This large georgian country house set in it’s own secluded gardens and grounds is currently for sale.  It has been the home of the fashion designers Charles and Patricia Lester for over thirty-five years.

The side of the house freshly painted with snow!

Brecon mountain railway

Local beauty spots

Local scenary to enjoy every season of the year Brecon Mountain Railway – a pleasant way to see some of the local …

period features

Llanfoist House

  Llanfoist House interior pictures   The Lounge     The lounge looking through to the hallway.   The lounge looking through …

Self sufficiency orchard

Orchard in Summer

 The orchard enclosed for safety for the chickens and ducks   We hope that our very large garden will attract someone to …


Kitchen Garden Potager

The Kitchen garden is a personal passion.  The best method of growing vegetables is a combination of cottage garden and potager planting, so a formal layout was planned with the beds either long and narrow or small squares.  This makes hoeing easier so that you don’t tread on the ground and compact the soil.  The most vital part of planning this garden was to make sure that it was rabbit and fox proof.  A trench was dug all round and wire netting laid in the trench and taken up over 6 ft high.  The height was necessary because our slug deterants are ducks and foxes eat ducks!  The ducks are allowed in the vegetable part of the garden during the winter (making sure to protect the brassicas) and they do a magnificent job of clearing up all the slugs.  The goose eliminates the buttercups in the mown paths, but he is very partial to the runner beans – so his work is winter work too.


Scots pine along private driveway

views of the garden, the chapel and the pond


Views around the garden


 View of the Scots Pine trees lining the drive – taken from across the meadow.  The meadow had just been cut – late in the year to ensure that the seeds of the wildflowers were mature enough to regenerate.