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July 2009, Page 2

The garden

The garden

It was difficult to see exactly what the garden consisted of when we first moved into the house.  An atmosphere of ‘The Secret Garden’ prevailed and over a period of several months we gradually found walls and steps and paths that lead nowhere.  One beautiful curved wall is still as sound today as it was when we discovered it six months after moving into the house.  Brambles clambered up into the old apple trees, terraces that once had been a productive vegetable and fruit garden appeared and once the ground ivy, vicious nettles and other invasive weeds were comparatively tamed we began to find exciting treasures such as an old asparagus bed, trained redcurrants and gooseberries.

traditional english garden potting shed

The Garden

Notes about the garden and its transformation. Large luxury house for sale with extensive gardens and paddocks. All the walls around the …