garden in september


Beech trees in late October


Maple with garden roller in the foreground.


Beech trees behind the brick pergola

Showing the wisteria growing to the top of the beech tree.


Rich colours of autumn


Witch hazel – Hamamelis – yellow, beatifully scented winter flowering shrub.

Hydrangea in autumn

Fuchsia –  a hardy variety which survives the coldest winter.  Occasionally the upper parts have been frosted, but cut back it grows vigorously and blooms just as well despite being cut back. 


Colour contrasts


Maple leaves – there is a strong smell of maple syrup near this tree!!


Sumach and willow

Sunlight through the garden gate.


Sumach in autumn


Sunlight through the leaves.


Amazing colour combinations.

Dogwood and acers – colourful all through the year.


Dramatic sky in autumn


More dark sky making the trees glow.

Sunrise in autumn.