Large luxury house for sale with extensive gardens woodland and paddocks.

woodland formal garden paddocks  Formal garden   More of the grounds(romantic country house with…..)

Over the years the large garden has been transformed into a mixture of formal and informal planting and is bordered by woodland and paddocks.  A solid stone wall has been built around two sides and in one corner a classic potting shed with old leaded windows and inside a fireplace for the comfort of the gardener.  A formal pond is the focal point of this part of the garden, this stands out of the ground giving a seating place from which the wildlife in the pond can be observed.  We did have some magnificent koi carp in this pond, but one day they all disappeared and the signs indicated that an otter had enjoyed a very expensive gourmet meal.  this was confirmed when a neighbour sent through a picture of the otter eating fish from his pond.  So this made us decide to keep both ponds as wildlife conservation areas and let the frogs, newts and other creatures enjoy the habitat rather than introduce exotic species.  If you have ever watched the antics of a stickleback guarding his nest – well you just have to imagine what a pleasure that is.

Stone potting shed set in woodland and formal garden

traditional english garden potting shed

 Stone built potting shed under the beech trees

All the stone walls around the large formal garden were crumbling, these have been painstakingly rebuilt.  New walls were built on old foundations and flights of steps leading to different levels were built to create both interesting features, but also to give a sense of timelessness.  The little potting shed on the edge of the woodland area was built to echo the traditions of the past using old original windows, a stunning antique chimney and other details making a solid and warm place for the gardener to ‘potter’ and have a cup of tea in comfort. There is a working fire in the potting shed. The stone potting shed has been rebuilt using reclaimed materials.  A log burner keeps the gardener warm in the winter.

A Georgian house with formal gardens for sale.

secret garden in woodland setting 

View past the pond to the house

The small formal stone pond and paved area, designed to create a colourful, yet low maintenance garden. The four Bay trees are now so large that very little grows under them.  We therefore covered the beds with a membrane to stop weeds growing and covered with large cobbles that we discovered when we dug the trenches for the drains at the studios.  The original atmosphere of this part of the garden could be re-created if the bay trees were kept clipped, but we liked the simplicity of the trees and stonework underneath.  A box hedge has been planted around this area giving it a more formal structure in contrast to other wilder parts of the garden and woodland.





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