ruined folly by pond

Stream and large pond set near house in country

ruined folly by pond  Chapel ruined folly by the pond

The big pond and the ruined chapel. This folly was built as a romantic place to entertain friends with al fresco dinner parties – there is a fireplace where a barbeque can be set up or just pile on logs and enjoy the warmth on a summer evening. In the wood part of the garden next to the chapel folly is the stream that feeds the pond. 

romantic stream and bridge Monet style bridge spanning stream

Waterfalls and small pools in between lead to the main pond and a Monet inspired bridge spans the stream on the boundary of the property. Varieties of moss are beginning to spread over the stones and paths – creating an interesting feature in this shady part of the garden.  This idea was inspired after we visited the famous moss gardens in Kyoto. A combination of the traditional simplicity of a Japanese Moss garden interspersed with English bluebells and snowdrops – a cultural mix, but nature decides what it wants to grow!

  The pond towards the house



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