Rural idyll with the luxury of not being isolated

A walk in May

Within a couple of hundred yards of the house is the most amazing walk that has been created along many miles of the route of the old industrial railway line.  A comfortable walk that has a slight incline, tarmac path and the most beautiful trees and wild flowers gracing the sides of the path.  Occasional seats are provided for those who wish to stop and just enjoy the glory of it all.  The more vigorous can cycle along this route and then enjoy an easy downhill spin back to the house!  This path starts in Llanfoist and goes nearly all the way to Brynmawr through the Clydach gorge which is the most incredibly dramatic and beautiful part of the area.  Industrial landscape reclaimed by nature – every now and then you will see the remains where magnificent stones have been used for a railway platform or the arch of some industrial store or tunnel.

The path winds along the side of the hills allowing us to enjoy the stunning countryside.  It is difficult to imagine the contrast of this peaceful rural walk which starts at the other end of the village of Llanfoist from the sophisticated facility of a Waitrose super store!

Llanfoist House is in an area of outstanding natural beauty

Looking out across the fields what could be more stunning than a fabulous old tree in the bright green spring meadow – then at your feet the delicate blooms of primroses and violets – this is what we imagine when we think of escaping to the country.


Escape the city rat-race and enjoy the country