period features


Llanfoist House interior pictures

period features 

The Lounge


Period features 

The lounge looking through to the hallway.

 spacious lounge double doors to conservatory

The lounge looking through to the conservatory – the large glass doors open completely making a lovely extension to this room in the sumer months.

The windows in the lounge are tall Georgian windows with traditional working shutters.  There are no shutters for the doors leading into the conservatory. 


The fireplace in the lounge.  When we moved into the house this room had a dark wallpaper – when we removed the wallpaper we saw that there were marks on the wall that showed that there had been plaster panels.  These were reinstated by ourselves, using the traditional method of drawing out the plaster with a metal former that is drawn along the wet plaster as it is put on layer by layer.  We did start making an elaborate centre piece to echo the original moulding around the edges of the ceiling, but never finished it.


The Conservatory

original conservatory

The conservatory – looking a little more orderly than usual – the table is used more for summer suppers, at the moment it makes a very nice place in which to paint – lots of light.


comfortable luxury 


The dining room as it was when it was a library/study

Tigger comfortable in a leather chair in what was the library.  Photograph by Charles Lester


The elegant entrance hall and staircase

Grand front door and entrance hall

The front door on a sunny morning

Grand front door and entrance hall with period tile flooring.

Fine classic period oak staircase in four sections

Georgian period oak staircase

Fine oak staircase showing classic period features

period feature oak staircase

Period feature oak staircase



inner hallway to formal dining room

 Entrance lobby looking through to the dining room




The dining room


Marble period fireplace

The Dining Room showing the period marble fireplace.  The walls in this room are covered in hand printed silk.


Formal dining room with double oak doors

Dining Room showing  the oak doors that we had made from old oak beams.

Looking through the oak doors to the stairs.



Another view of the dining room showing the alcove – The walls have been covered in our own hand printed silk fabric creating a luxurious and distinctive amosphere.


The fireplace – the fireglow is a lamp made out of Himalayan salt.


This dining table will seat 10 people comfortably – there is enough space in this room for a larger table – perhaps enough for 4 more people without restricting movemnet.


The Dining room has traditional working shutters.


Hallway through dining room doors.

The study

The study – enough room for a large desk and bookcase – two windows from which to watch the birds in the garden.  The walls in this room are covered in Harris Tweed.

The kitchen

The kitchen dresser – probably Christmas party time.

The main bathroom

The main bathroom.

Another picture of the bathroom.  These were taken more to show the glass art – requested by the researcher for Kirstie Allsop’s television programme.

The bathroom.


The large shower in the corner of the room includes steam, body jets and overhead shower and hand held shower.

The cat

Frank in the laundry basket.

Master bedroom featured

The Master bedroom as featured in the magazine 25 Beautiful Homes

The Blue room

The Blue Room – guest room – another comfortable place for Tigger.  Timbers on the ceiling and beautiful antique fabric panels on the wall behind the bed.


Corner of Blue room looking through the door to the principal bathroom.

There are no shutters in this room.

Detail of the antique fabric on the walls in the blue room.

The Chinese bedroom


Chinese bedroom on the second floor – in the morning sunshine!

The attic bedroom on one side and studio on the other side.


The roof space of the house has been converted into one large U shaped room.  Perfect for guest sleeping, or for teenagers’ space where they can make a mess, noise etc. and not affect the rest of the house.  There are four velux windows into the centre of the U and one on the back of the roof looking out you see the wood behind the house.  In more recent years it has been used more as an attic, but this picture shows how it could be turned into an interesting bedroom – or even two bedrooms.  The staircase from the 2nd floor to this space is a proper functioning staircase – not a ladder!

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