Touch of luxury

If you want to own some luxurious pieces for your own home to create something of the atmosphere of Lla nfoist House then a couple of days in and around Abergavenny will be a treat.  Call into our studios and see if there is anything there that might capture your imagination.  It is just a thought – if you don’t want to buy the whole house, you can buy something to create corners  of exotic luxury.  If you are an artist and are looking for a garden filled with inspirational colours – just see from where our inspiration has come and know that, through the seasons, you will always be enchanted by what you find. Even in the depths of winter on a seriously grey day there are subtle misty colours, the white of the silver birch, red, orange and green stems of dogwood and the dainty heads of the reeds in the pond.

Very few of our curtains will fit our new windows, so where, for instance, in the dining room the curtains are made to complement the hand printed silk on the walls – we are happy to negotiate.  I might however need the brass pole!






















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